Turkey gets its first umbrella LGBTI organization to fight homophobia

Published: October 13, 2014


Turkey: A new organization, the first in Turkey to ensure LGBTI websites, groups and organizations has been established to fight homophobia and transphobia in the Islamic country that straddles Europe and Asia.

In existence since less than two months, the organization was created in order to ensure unity and solidarity among LGBTI groups, LGBTIwebsites and LGBTI organizations, Burçin Bordanac? of the Turkey LGBTI Union told GayAsiaNews.com by email.

“Because Turkey is a Islamic country although not in the same league as Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iraq in its vehemently anti-LGBTI stance, there is still need for togetherness and solidarity among LGBTI groups to counter homophobia and transphobia that exists in Turkey, Bordanac? said.

Full text available at link below:  bit.ly/1u6kIKA

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