Transgender privacy is no privacy – a few notes on a right-wing attack on Anna Grodzka

Wiktor Dynarski
Original Article:

January 27th, my co-worker and the Vice-President of Trans-Fuzja Foundation, Lalka Podobi?ska, receives an email from Andrzej Potocki, a right-wing journalist working for a semi-political semi-tabloid paper “Wsieci”. The content of the message leaves us laughing for days andmakes a terrible Tuesday at the office quite bearable.

Here are some of the question posted:
    •    What is your relation with Anna Grodzka?
    •    How long have you known each other?
    •    Do you live together and do you share a common household?
    ?    Do you eat together?
    ?    Do you drive the same cars?
    ?    Do you own property together?
    •    Are you in an intimate relationship??
    •    Are you, as it states in “”, a heterosexual person?

Trans-Fuzja posts a screenshot of the message to its Facebook fan page for the world to see. It is one of the most-shared updates coming from the organization. We laugh but dread at the same time. Because we know that public-shaming of extremely bad reporting never made a journalist pass on an occasion to humiliate a public figure. Especially if that public figure is a representative of a certain minority. A minority, nonetheless, misunderstood and prone to becoming victims of violence and murder. As a number of threats posed to Anna Grodzka have proven, being a public figure does not create a situation when one can feel safe as a trans person, especially a trans woman.

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