Transgender Alexa bares all

Published: December 13, 2014

Anesta Henry
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Alexa Strauss-Hoffmann was born a man; but converted himself into a woman a few years ago.

“I was born a man, but today I am a proud transgender,” Alexa declared during a recent interview with Barbados TODAY in which she spoke openly about her decision to change gender, and how life has been since then.

This was the direction 21-year-old Alexa decided to take after years of suffering in silence being somebody she did not want to be.

Alexa Hoffman speaking about life as a transgender.

“I would say for my entire life I have always felt that I should be female. But only within the last three to four years I decided to make changes in terms of my life and how I dress, how I interact with persons, and even to an extent, my own self-image to bring it more to the fore that I can admit it to myself,” she said, as she sat neatly dressed in a skirt-suit.

The Barbados Gays & Lesbians And All-Sexuals Against Discrimination (BGLAD) had an inner image she preferred, but yet at the same time she was presenting herself as something that was not in alignment with how she felt.

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