Transexuals speak. one hundred stories in one hundred words

Published: August 1, 2008

Transexuals speak. one hundred stories in one hundred words

Issues: Transexuals speak. One hundred stories in one hundred words,

Description: As a result of 10 in-depth interviews to transgender women who live in the north area of the metropolitan region of Santiago, we were able to collect 100 stories of their experiences, life projects, dreams, pains, fears etc. We are planning to publish these stories in a book titled Transexuals Speak: One Hundred Stories in 100 Words. These stories are intended to contribute to non-discrimination and hence reduce the incidence of HIV in this population. The project intends to make them actors of their own stories, showing them as common and singular human beings who, by means of reliving their stories in a new light, generate a new product, singular and real that revindicates them as citizens of Chile and of a changing world.

Lessons learned: The main difficulty facing these women is schooling. This drawback does not allow them to participate in scientific and academic discourses validated by culture.
In spite of this handicap they still keep a valuable, authentic and precious private world worth being disclosed by themselves. The perception of reality involved in the experience of transforming the body implies a serious critique to the existence of the human being, the hegemonic models of culture which stigmatize, discriminate and vulneralize on the grounds of spontaneous or constructed differences in bodies.

Next steps: To increase levels of self-knowledge and ability to produce new and individual knowledge in order to revert states of invisibility, dependence, discrimination and vulnerability. This will hopefully lead to erradicate the main cause of the perception of non-citizenship.

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