TRANS: Transgender life stories from South Africa

Published: October 21, 2009

About the Book
TRANS: Transgender life stories from South Africa

Most people have the luxury of taking gender for granted; but for more and more people whose gender either challenges them or challenges others, gender is a wellspring of thought-provoking experience. The reflections on the experience of gender contained in this book will enrich readers’ understanding and deepen their awareness of the kind of very human quest that transgender people and those who love them have been undertaking for centuries.” These words and images tell of the pain they have suffered when others have shunned or disrespected them, and of the strength they have summoned so they can endure and thrive. Their silence is broken now, and transgender people the world over are letting their voices be heard. It is not a fearful thing; it is beautiful, spiritual; it is human. Listen! Their compassion is never far below the surface. Let it in! You will not regret it.”
Jamison Green, author of Becoming a Visible Man

TRANS: Transgender life stories from South Africa takes the reader on a journey into the many worlds inhabited by transgender South Africans. The life stories recounted in this collection are both inspiring and compelling and reveal the courage and strength of each of the story tellers involved. The narratives detail the constant challenges of living in a country, that, despite its progressive Constitution, is still host to myriad prejudices and misunderstandings when it comes to trans people

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