Trans sex workers among China's most discriminated groups

Darren Wee
Original Article:

Transgender female sex workers are among the most marginalized and discriminated populations in China, according to a new report.

Based on 10 months of research by Asia Catalyst and two Chinese community-based organizations, Beijing Zuoyou Center and Shanghai CSW (commercial sex worker) and MSM (men who have sex with men) Center, the report found transgender sex workers experience ‘amplified stigma’ due to both their gender identity and their profession.

‘Severe prejudice is a major stumbling block for even the most basic tasks,’ said Zheng Huang, executive director of Shanghai Xinsheng.

‘Imagine being laughed at when using a public toilet, being evicted from your home or, even worse, dangerously self-medicating hormone use because no doctor will see you.’

As sex work is illegal in China, the police are one of the greatest challenges that transgender sex workers face. Interviewees reported police abuse, especially verbal and physical violence leveled at their transgender identity.

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