To Russia with Love: A New Global Arts & Activism Campaign

Published: September 5, 2013


For Immediate Release: Sept. 3, 2013
Sept 3 – An international “To Russia With Love” global arts and activism campaign is being officially launched today by a new arts-activism group to protest Russia’s new law outlawing lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersexual (LGBTI) identity and rights and similar campaigns of hatred erupting around the world.  The campaign also responds to the crackdown on women’s rights and free speech in Russia, including the  jailing of the youth feminist punk group Pussy Riot over a year ago.
The campaign launch is being developed in solidarity with a Global Call to Action Sept. 3 by UK LGBTI and global human rights groups who have taken to the streets to collectively demand that British Prime Minister David Cameron and other world leaders take action to press Russia’s President Putin to repeal Russia’s draconian anti-gay law.
The new To Russia with Love campaign is issuing a global call to artists and activists worldwide to speak out in solidarity with citizens and groups in Russia and other countries who are being targeted by the new law and by hate campaigns directed at women, LGBT, and immigrant groups.  Artists and activists with affinity for the focus of the campaign are being invited to create and share their personal and organizational responses with the campaign at our Facebook webpage. 
The campaign will post and distribute this work and responses online at the campaign website and to Russian and global LGBTI, women’s and rights groups; to Russian and other world government officials; to the media in and outside of Russia; to rights and religious groups; and to a broad global public online. A weekly campaign dispatch is planned. 
The campaign has an initial focus on Russia but will address misogyny, homophobia and religious intolerance that fuel hate campaigns in other countries too.  The campaign will include an online public space for art, commentary and activist messages at its Facebook campaign site.
Organizers: The Red Queens Collective, a newly formed arts-activist solidarity group. 
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