Tijuana trans people … an unaccepted reality!

Published: August 1, 2008

Tijuana trans people … an unaccepted reality!

Issues: Trans people are generally a social category apart from all other groups, perceived as conflicted and problematic for of their need to belong and “look like” the opposite sex, altering their biological reality being this the most understandable characteristic.

Description: Transvestites, transgenders and transsexuals face many more conflicts than not having a predefined social role within the generalized dichotomies, though not necessarily the only valid ones, of man/masculinity and woman/feminity. Mounting conflicts, questioning and censoring their desire to modify their appearance and denying them their rights to pleasure, reproduction and couple living and contribute to their unemployment. The inability to find a job and job loss leads to many trans people to resort to sex work to earn a necessary income to support themselves, including their medical services, hormonal treatments, surgeries, and required procedures to acquire legal documentation for their identity. Through sex work they suffer extortion and other problems, in addition to the rejection for “not being man or woman”.

Lessons learned: The obstacles and difficulties transgender people face lead to alienation, depression, addictions, and even suicide for those who have not died early of illness, medical negligence, or murder.

Next steps: 500 trans people live in Tijuana without any kind of specialized service. Therefore it is necessary sensitize and educate society, government, and the non profit health sector to accept and include of transgender people in life and work, recognizing that they are humans beings as well as create spaces for their development professional and personal. Though they do not fit into the traditionally established societal norms, they have the same values and should have the same opportunities because, in spite of everything, these people provide the human race the important lesson of self-determination in a world of extremes absolutes, not ambiguities.

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