Thousands march against homosexuality in Gambia

Published: December 12, 2014

Original Article:

According to Gambia’s Daily Observer, the marchers denounced “attempts by outside forces – development partners – who advocate for homosexuality and lesbianism; vices forbidden by the laws of The Gambia.”

The protest march, which started at the National Assembly, saw participants holding up placards with statements such as “Homosexuality is Inhuman”, “Even cows don’t do it!” and “Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam”.

Said the newspaper: “It was calculated move by the demonstrators in a way to show to Gambian development partners and the rest of the world that the West African nation is one of God-fearing people who will under no circumstances accept homosexuality, lesbianism and the likes.”

At the conclusion of the protest, a petition was read out to the president by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Lands and Regional Government, Saihou Sanyang. He said that Gamibia is a “country of religious people who live by the dictate of Allah.”

Sanyang went on to state: “Your Excellency Mr. President, it goes without saying that our intolerance with the unnatural and abominable malpractices of homosexuality and lesbianism on the one hand, and the other, our government’s position are not negotiable.

“It is on the basis of such religious, social, moral and ethical upbringing built on high moral grounds that we stand by our government’s position to zero tolerance to either homosexuality or lesbianism or both. There shall not be any turning point and that the people are ready for eventuals in good defence of the people and country’s independence,” he read out to the crowd.

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