Those at risk of AIDS show growing apathy toward protection

Published: December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day: Although infection rate of HIV is declining, health official warns of “trend of returning to behaviors” in Israel of having unprotected sex.
Although the infection rate of HIV and the number of new AIDS cases in the world is declining, Health Ministry Director-General Dr. Ronni Gamzu has warned that in Israel, there is a “trend of returning to behaviors” of having unprotected sex that existed before the virus was discovered 30 years ago.

To mark World AIDS Day, which takes place on Wednesday, Gamzu said that many high-risk individuals felt that because the improvement in medication has turned AIDS into a chronic disease rather than a fatal one, in many cases, it was not a great threat. The high-risk groups include homosexuals and drug addicts who inject themselves.

He added that prevention was vital and that early detection of HIV in those infected was urgent, to reduce the spread of the disease and lower the death rate. The directorgeneral asked his staff to speed up approval of quick detection kits during 2011 and reduce the wait for results.

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