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Published: January 9, 2012

Program #1,241 – distributed 01/09/12
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(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Something "Wiki" this way comes: the case against Pvt. Bradley Manning;
Jamaica’s new P.M. calls for sodomy law review, lesbian and gay couples
plan their Cancun weddings as Hungary constitutionally bans them, a gay Malaysian national’s Irish civil partnership sparks outrage in his
homeland, a pioneering "sodomite" passes away, Washington’s governor
proposes marriage equality, and more global LGBT news

– In "NewsWrap": Jamaica’s newly-sworn-in PRIME MINISTER PORTIA SIMPSON-MILLER may have signaled a new era for LGBT people there by calling for a review of the Caribbean nation’s laws against homosexuality [with excerpts from her comments during a nationally-televised candidates debate in December]… lawyers say a loophole in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo’s marriage laws open the door to same-gender nuptials, with a mass wedding ceremony planned for later this month in the popular tourist destination of Cancun, but Hungary’s new constitution, which came into force on January 1st, bans marriage equality and fails to include sexual minorities in anti-bias protections… a widely-published photo in Malaysia of a native son apparently engaging in a civil partnership ceremony with his boyfriend in Ireland sparks national outrage… John Geddes Lawrence, whose legal challenge with Tyron Garner led the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn sodomy laws across the country in Lawrence v. Texas, dies at the age of 68… equality activists file a federal lawsuit to overturn legislation in Michigan that revoked health insurance coverage for the domestic partners and children of municipal government workers, while Washington GOVERNOR CHRIS GREGOIRE announces her support for legislation that would make hers the seventh U.S. state to open full civil marriage to lesbian and gay couples [with an excerpt from her remarks]… and more LGBT news from around the world (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by RICK WATTS and MICHAEL LEBEAU).

– He’s reviled by some and celebrated by others – a famous balladeer has even been singing his praises. He’s U.S. ARMY PRIVATE FIRST CLASS BRADLEY MANNING, who’s been in a military prison for more than a year – including long stints in solitary confinement – on charges of orchestrating what’s been called the largest intelligence leak in American history by providing the "WikiLeaks" website with some 750,000 confidential government documents. Manning had served as an intelligence analyst in Iraq and held a Top Secret security clearance. During six days of his pretrial court martial hearing in late December, Manning was alternately portrayed as a traitor knowingly aiding the enemies of the United States; a hero who blew the whistle on the atrocities of war; and an emotionally unstable soldier wrestling with homophobia and gender identity issues. Gay activist and former Army Lieutenant DAN CHOI, and Daniel Ellsberg, famous for leaking the Pentagon Papers to the "New York Times" in 1971, attended the hearings together at Fort Meade in Maryland. Choi discussed the case, and his own military skirmish there, on "Current TV’s" "Countdown with Keith Olbermann"; ALICE OLLSTEIN recapped the hearing for "Free Speech Radio News" (includes comments by Bradley Manning Support Network co-founder JEFF PATTERSON and Log Cabin Republicans Executive Director and Army Captain R. CLARKE COOPER); and JAMES RAYMOND and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer GRAHAM NASH sing their self-penned "ALMOST GONE (THE BALLAD OF BRADLEY MANNING)".

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