This is my world: "They are not all who were, but they are all who are"

Published: August 1, 2008

This is my world: “They are not all who were, but they are all who are”

TRAVES Concepción has researched into a qualitative study in order to discover the feeling that transvestites and transgeneros have about AIDS (SIDA), the changes they have experienced and beside that, the discrimination they have been exposed to. According to what we have realized, this reseach is crucial to understand the way that both transvestites and transgeneros think and behave.
In the first part of this investigation the construction of methodological instruments can be seen: the elaboration of a semi-structured questionnaire and the compilation of bibliographical material.
In the second part, some interviews were made. This information was compiled, systematized and analysed. Twenty four transvestites and transgeneros were interviewed, most of them were organized. The majority of these people exercise sexual trade as a subsistence way of life. Fourteen of them have a letter “A” health card and ten do not have any health benefit. Their ages go from 20 to 43 years old and their education vary from incomplete primary school to incomplete secondary school and most of them do not have a house.
In the last part of this investigation, the design of a book was made. This book contains the results of this work and it has been organized into four different chapters written in order to answer a specific aspect of the investigation. In the first one, there is a summary that tells us about how health services treat them. The second chapter analyses myths, prejudices, stigmatisations and vulnerability. The third chapter speaks about recognition, auto-perception and transvestites and transgeneros’ sexual rights. Finally, in the fourth chapter, participation, organization and conclusions of this investigation can be seen.

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