This iPhone app could help solve a real problem for transgender people

Nick Duffy
Original Article:

An iPhone app has been created to provide a network of toilets where transgender, intersex and gender nonconforming individuals are free to pee in peace.

Several US states are currently pursuing ‘bathroom laws’ that would make it illegal for trans people to use the correct bathroom for their gender – and trans people are already often subjected to violence for doing so.

New location-based app app Refuge Restrooms aims to solve the problem – by creating a network of toilets where trans people can feel safe peeing without judgement.

The app, which has launched this month on iPhone and Android, allows members of the public and business owners to mark unisex and gendered toilets that are accessible to trans people.

It then acts partly like a Grindr for toilets – allowing trans people to see the nearest toilets to them that have been marked as safe to use.

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