Third gender slam 'virulent' bureaucracy

Published: September 27, 2011

They said this while calling on Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai at his official residence today. During the meeting, the 20-member delegation, led by lawmaker Sunil Babu Panta, demanded citizenship rights to third genders.

According to Panta, the PM assured the delegation of taking initiatives to ensure their rights in the new constitution.

“PM Bhattarai is very positive to our concerns.”

“However, the bureaucracy is not in our favour,” Panta told mediapersons after the meeting.

The lawmaker has blamed that the bureaucracy is creating unnecessary hassles in issuing citizenships to them.

“We found that the bureaucracy is misleading the executive body of the country, which has impeded citizenship rights to the LGBTI,” he said.

“One should think twice before granting citizenships to minorities, for it might provoke other communities,” Panta quoted the bureaucrats as telling the Prime Minister during the meeting.

According to Leelamani Paudel, secretary, Prime Minister’s Office, there are a lot of technical and methodological issues to be sorted out before granting citizenship certificates to the third gender.

He was of the opinion that recognition of the third gender comes with various obligations for the state for which preparations should be made.

“Issues related to citizenship certificate issuance to sexual minorities, citizenship certificate from mother’s name and citizenship certificate issuance in the Tarai region need to be resolved simultaneously,” Paudel said.

“The government should be prepared first to fulfil its obligations like passports and education, among others, for the minorities before settling the citizenship issue.”

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