The 'T' in LGBT: A transgender timeline

Published: September 4, 2013

 The movement to afford equal rights and protections to transgender people is gaining momentum. Here are some of the milestones hit in recent years in the U.S.

Sept. 25, 1968: Minnesota court grants first legal gender change.
1977: The New York State Supreme Court rules in favor of trans woman Renee Richards, who sued the U.S. Tennis Association for the right to play professional tennis as a woman.
Jan. 1, 1984: GenderNet, the first Internet community for transgender people, is formed.
1986: One of the first major advocacy groups for trans men, called FTM, is formed by Lou Sullivan, a trans man, author and activist.
Nov. 20, 1999: The First International Transgender Day of Remembrance is observed to honor Rita Hester, a trans woman who was murdered the year before, and other victims of violence against transgender people.
April 15, 2000: The Transgender Pride flag appeared at a pride parade in Phoenix for the first time.
2008: Sue Rassmussen, the first openly transgender mayor in the U.S., is re-elected mayor of Silverton, Ore., after transitioning.
June 9, 2010: The federal government changes its passport rules to allow some trans people to change their gender identification on their passports.
March 5, 2012: The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development issues new rules barring discrimination against gay and transgender people.
July 1, 2012: Massachusett’s Transgender Equal Rights Bill takes effect, prohibiting discrimination of transgender people in employment, housing and other areas.
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