The struggle for LGBTI to be heard in our communities

Dameyon Bonson
Original Article:

The struggle to be heard in our own communities is a sad plight. Where one remains unheard there arises the risk factor of marginalisation. As our peoples need to be heard in every facet and layer of life on this continent so too must LGBTI be heard at every layer among our peoples.

Our communities are as diverse as the voices beholden to them. From the outside looking in we are sometimes seen as the same. This just despairs us to tears. Homogeneity and hegemony are the byproducts of a one size fits all view. Diversity is an imperative that every layer of human existence needs to respect if we are to function in interrelationships.

Personally, I, as a gay man, experience this same one size fits all view within our communities. You kind of become accustomed to it after a while. We become a fringe group within. This of course is very much a generalisation, because it does not apply to most of us. Not as people. But when part of a larger system it is more often than not.

I have been working in upstream suicide prevention for close to four years. When I contemplate that we are contributing to the betterment of our mob whether is it in the areas of health, housing, sports, the arts, I realise that strivings in itself are preventative and protective actions and factors in reference to suicide prevention and to the prospect of social and emotional well-being. Working in upstream suicide prevention just becomes more focused and more purposeful.

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