The secret habits of gay dating app users revealed

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You may be surprised to learn, for example, that most guys are not in it just for a quick hookup. According to the survey by, 45% of gay dating app users are primarily looking for a date, with a possible hookup, but only if it feels right.

Just 24% say that they are only interested in a once-off sexual experience, while 10% want a relationship and 18% are simply browsing for fun.

The one thing that just about everyone seems to have in common is that they quite like to share photos of their man-goods. In fact, a whopping 83% said that they send “dick pics” to other guys. (Consider also that 30% of men apparently don’t even have to see a face picture before meeting up.)

Asking for pictures of your date beforehand may make a lot of sense though, seeing as  31% of users admitted to misrepresenting something about themselves (age, height or weight).
Around 62% had a “few” experiences of discovering that the man they end up meeting is not quite the person he made himself  out to be, while 19% said that this had happened a “lot”.

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