The Racist and Homophobic Election Campaign of "Young Lithuania"

Published: February 16, 2011

VILNIUS, Lithuania:  The political party “Jaunoji Lietuva” (Young Lithuania) continues to shock the Lithuanian media with its racist and homophobic election slogans during this current  municipal election campaign, despite the party’s clear violations of campaign laws.  The party, led by party chairman and Vice-Mayor of Kaunas S. Buðkevièius, uses bigoted euphemisms to attack minority groups in Lithuania within their main campaign < A href="">slogan, “For A Lithuania Without Blue, Black, Red, and Gypsies From the Encampment”.  Although these offensive euphemisms are clearly understood by most Lithuanians, the party explains their slogan in explicit detail:

For a Lithuania be þydrø [without blue] – for example, without the ideology of sexual perversion that is being imposed on us from abroad – be juodø [without black] – for example, without black money and liberalist and tolerant traditions, and be raudonø – for example, without communist yeast that is still torturing our society.

Nine Lithuanian human rights NGOs including LGL has submitted a complaint to the Prosecutor General regarding the campaigning strategies of the Young Lithuania party, and the Central Electoral Commission is also taking the electoral campaign of the Young Lithuania Party under consideration and has approached the Prosecutor General as well.  Lithuanian Human rights centre and Human Rights Monitoring Institute has begun preparations of a request, to be filed jointly with other NGOs, to the Ministry of Justice to analyze the activities of the political party.  The racist and homophobic campaigning strategies and slogans of the Young Lithuania party are illegal according to the Law of the Political Parties, and could result in the prohibition of the party’s campaigning activities in the fut ure.

Such obvious hatred against minority groups, including those of different races, genders, ethnicities, political ideologies, sexual orientations and identities, and social classes, is certainly not a new tradition of the Young Lithuania party:  Chairman S. Buðkevièius was the individual who filed the appealed to the Vilnius Administrative Court to suspend Baltic Pride in May 2010.

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