The National day of the Algerian LGBTQI

Published: October 5, 2011

We consider the 10th of October a very important date in Algeria since four years, it honours the
national anniversary that stands for defending and legitimizing LGBTIQ rights, this is why "Abu
Nawas" association is working to seek recognition of those rights. Abu Nawas is faithful to that date
and we present it each year for this unique struggle of rights.

Our dream is to have the Algerian society to legitimize our existence and our equal rights, but our
current reality faces the two penalty articles 333 & 338 of the Algerian Penal and Criminal law, that
criminalize homosexuality and all acts that are relevant to it.

This year, like every year, we are celebrating for the 5th time on a row our national day for LGBTIQ
rights as a decision of an actual manifestation to our hopes to confirm our existence and self
determination. It is the right of each person to live hisher differences and orientations and with total

Our last year slogan was "Hope", which enhanced our will and made us insist more to hold on to our
common belief that it is just and legitimate right of ours. There is no way that we continue to work in
a scattered and sporadic way, therefore "movement" is a necessary duty and unity to our voices, so
those ears that reused to listen to us in the past can be open to listen to us now.
Today, "Abu Nawas" association calls for solidarity under the slogan: Together To Make Life
Better, this step goes along with the logic of the revolutions in the Arab World and inspired by the
needed support from the Maghreb movements defending the LGBTIQ that we work with and
cooperate closely with "Khomsa" network to collaborate in the desired goals.

Like every year, we are asking you and each person to do a symbolic gesture that shows hisher
belief, hisher belonging and support to our struggle. Light a candle on Monday October tenth around
eight in the evening, to be the light for all those who suffered in the past or are still suffering this
moment because of hisher difference. The dim light of the candle will be the equivalent to the ray of
hope that everyone of us carry in the depth of hisher entity either inside their homeland or outside,
for all those who dream of and for freedom, to live their difference with No discrimination or fear or
even prejudice.

Let us light our illumination in 1010 under the slogan of – Together To Make Life Better

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