The Hard Facts on Erectile Dysfunction: Pills, Pumps and Prosthetics

Published: April 6, 2011

I suppose it was only a matter of time before HIV fitness guru and hottie Nelson Vergel and I ended up in bed together. After rummaging through my kitchen in a video blog about healthy eating, and then flexing his biceps at the gym when he instructed me on weight training, it really was more than he could bear. The man is only human, after all.

Alas, our queen-sized romp which opens this video was clothed, comical, and quite chaste. But it was the perfect place to start a blog about erectile dysfunction (E.D.), testosterone replacement, and how all of this affects people living with HIV/AIDS.

You’re about to get a big education on erections. Well, on the lack thereof, to be precise. The content isn’t porn but it is very adult. If your workplace wasn’t a great place to watch my recent video tour of a poz sex club, then you’ll probably want to catch this one at home, too. Just don’t miss this impotent information. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

Besides writing his new book, Testosterone: A Man’s Guide, Nelson has gathered an impressive amount of information on what causes E.D., what the treatment options are, and what issues become a factor when you throw HIV into the mix. (I did some research of my own, but all I found was a hilarious candid camera video about an “erection spray” that has immediate, sizable results.)

Every treatment and factoid on E.D. is here: pills, pumps and prosthetics (oh my!). Mostly, though, just hearing Nelson repeatedly say “erectile” in his adorable Venezuelan accent is worth the ten minutes it takes to watch this.

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