The FER an initiative of prevention and cultural in MSM in Habana city, evaluation

Published: August 1, 2008

The FER an initiative of prevention and cultural in MSM in Habana city, evaluation

Background: The FER (recreational educational party) it is an education project for the prevention of the infection for the HIV; It is directed to men that make sex with other men; developed during more than 4 years it has become from a municipal initiative to a provincial. This initiative of the Team – AMISTAD integrated by people that live with HIV, leaned on in an investigation in MSM; it uses a methodology of participation, cultural support and didactic materials created especially for this and it this project additionally it had evaluation of processes and impact through surveys. It is known of counties outside of the City of the Havana that it use projects based on this initiative given to know in the provincial and National Encounters of people living with HIV

Methods: Valuation of surveys

Results: The results of the survey are described, contrasting the situation before and later and adding the corresponding graphics that help visually to the understanding and interpretation to evaluate knowledge of transmission roads and basic information on HIV and AIDS, the recognition and correct use of the condom, the perception of risk with relationship to attitudes and opinions, as well as to evaluate the discrimination toward people living with HIV or with AIDS everything looking for the execution of the general objective and the validation of the messages sent according to plan traced in the FER. It is also accompanied with wide quantity of documental pictures and videos of different FER made during these 4 years.

Conclusions: It is recommended to continue in a systematic and creative way the implementation from the FER to all the sectors and to enlarge the sectoral collaboration.

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