The European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) Community Report

Published: September 27, 2011

The EMIS team would again like to thank you for being part of the first
European internet-based research project on homosexuality, homosexual
behaviour and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among men who have
sex with men (MSM), and – with over 180,000 participants – the largest
study ever conducted on sex between men!

This is the second community report written especially for you – members of
Europe’s diverse LGBT communities. We hope that you find this information
interesting and helpful! The first community report covered testing for
HIV, knowledge about testing, being ‘out’, sexual happiness and the
‘sexiest man on the planet’. All EMIS community reports are available in 25
languages at

The Eurovision of MSM
Sex Lives!

In this second report we will focus on a range of topics dealing with sex and
the number and type of sexual partners, as well as testing for STIs other than
HIV. Please be aware that this information is only preliminary, and that we are
in the process of preparing a more detailed report for publication later in 2011.
Similar to the previous community report, we have included an overview of the
data discussed in this report on page three.

When reading the table, if you compare the numbers of EMIS respondents
in the left column with the first report, you will notice that they have slightly
decreased. This is due to changes in the criteria used to exclude respondents’
data from the study if responses were not consistent. We do our best not
to report on data from men who hastily clicked through the survey and who
did not provide answers that actually corresponded to their knowledge
and experiences.

Who You Had Sex With
In each country a significant number of you, who completed the EMIS
questionnaire, did not identify as ‘gay or homosexual’. This means we clearly
reached a wide range of men who have sex with men. Indeed, around 15% of
all respondents reported having had sex with a woman in the twelve months
prior to completing the survey. As the table on page three shows, this went
from a low of nearly ‘one in ten’ of you in Belgium (.be), the Netherlands (.nl),
Poland (.pl) and France (.fr) to over a quarter of you in Slovenia (.si), Bulgaria
(.bg) Romania (.ro) and Bosnia & Herzegovina (.ba).

How Many Men You Had Sex With
In the table on page three you can see in which countries partner numbers were
particularly high or low. Many of you (43% to 59%) had between two and ten
partners, while having more than ten partners went from 10% to over 25% across
the 38 countries. The number of sexual partners tells us a few things, such as,
how easy or difficult it is to find partners (because they might not be ‘out’ or
there might be no places or venues for you to meet). This may also tell us
about how hard it might be for many of you to build steady relationships,
particularly in societies where same sex couples are not officially recognised
or allowed.

Of course many men choose to have multiple sex partners. It is advised that
the more partners you have, the more often you need to have a sexual health

Where You Met Men to Have Sex
We asked you where you met your last non-steady male sex partner (of those
who had a non-steady partner in the last twelve months). The most common
response was “on the Internet”, followed by various sex venues including gay
saunas and backrooms of bars and clubs.

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