Tactical roadmap of WHO support to contain HIV transmission among MSM in China

Published: August 1, 2008

Tactical roadmap of WHO support to contain HIV transmission among MSM in China

Issues: China is currently experiencing a shift in the dominant mode of HIV transmission, previously that was through injecting drug use, however recently new infections have been increasingly associated with sexual routes of transmission. Homosexual transmission contributes significantly to this process.

Description: The purpose of the tactical roadmap is to motivate the MSM community and rely on joint efforts between MSM and the Government to conduct behaviour interventions promoting safer sex. The specific tactics adopted include supporting the government to develop strategic plans and intervention guidelines and protocols. Pilot studies of these interventions will be utilised to inform policy. Following the pilot stages, training packages have been developed to assist implementation and mobilisation of the MSM community to carry out in-depth HIV prevention work. Targeted intervention strategies have been developed and various models have been piloted in 3 provinces.

Lessons learned: The China Government has issued an action plan for MSM interventions,interim technical guidelines and training packages for health professionals and community-based volunteers. The pilot of strengthening strategic planning has been implemented in Guangdong province; the intervention guidelines was piloted in Hunan supported by Sida project; the Yunan province piloted a resource harmonization and information sharing platform among MSM community based groups and referral linkage between provincial and below level CDCs and MSM groups. At present the biggest challenge limiting development of the programme is due to harmonization issues between the MSM driven working groups and their authority as an effective body to secure and mobilize resources. To address this, an integrated approach to address HIV transmission among MSM is needed from policy level to implementation, from research to wider application and from government to grass-root NGO.

Next steps: The forthcoming 18 months, WHO is supporting the China Government to carry out an comprehensive HIV prevention and care programme including surveys, prevention and care services.

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