Sweden: Gay couple married in Sweden say their families back home are being harassed

Published: February 7, 2013

Lawrence Kaala and Jimmy Sserwadda were married in January at a church in Järfälla, a suburb north of the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Mr Sserwadda’s elderly mother, who still lives in Uganda, was verbally harassed over the news that her son had married another man.

“They basically blamed me being gay and me bringing shame on Uganda on her,” Mr Sserwadda told Swedish paper The Local.

“I really don’t understand it. These people say they are against gays because of religion, culture and ‘African Values’. Some even said Europeans politicians had paid us to bring shame to Uganda,” he said. “If we were interested in money, we would have married other people. Neither of us is well off.”

He blamed the abuse for his mother’s recent admission to hospital for high blood pressure.

Mr Sserwadda’s son, who is attending university, also received unwanted attention over the news of his father’s wedding.

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