Survey shows good attitudes to condoms

Published: November 13, 2014

Original Article:

Researchers say the results of the 2014 Gay Auckland Periodic Sex Survey (GAPSS) and Gay men’s Online Sex Survey (GOSS) show attitudes among men who have sex with men in New Zealand appear to be conducive to the control of HIV spread here.

Only one in five said they wouldn’t bother using condoms if their partner didn’t want to.

Around 95 percent agreed that “we all have a shared responsibility to protect other gay and bisexual men by using condoms”, and a similar proportion agreed that “condoms are ok as part of sex”.

Lead investigator, Dr Peter Saxton from the Gay Men’s Sexual Health research group at the University of Auckland, says the findings suggest that most men in New Zealand appreciate the need for condom use.

“That is something to celebrate given how seriously at risk gay and bisexual men are from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.”

“It also reminds us how important personal resiliency is when faced with a partner who wants ‘bareback’ sex,” he says.

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