Study: Only 16 Percent Of MSM Report Using Condoms 'Always'

Published: December 18, 2014

Todd Heywood
Original Article:

A new study by CDC researcher Dawn Smith has found that only 16 percent of men who have sex with men reported consistent condom use during the study period. That same study was used to estimate the efficacy of condoms in preventing HIV transmission during anal sex. Smith found condoms were 70 percent effective in preventing transmission of the virus that causes AIDS.

"The point estimate in our analysis of condom effectiveness when ‘always’ used by MSM during anal sex with any HIV-positive male partners is 70 percent, modestly less than the 80 percent estimate for condoms when ‘always’ used by heterosexual HIV-discordant couples," the study concludes. "Although these point estimates do not differ by tests of statistical significance, it is more appropriate to use the MSM specific point estimate of 70 percent effectiveness for discussions and models involving anal sex among MSM than to continue use of the heterosexual 80 percent effectiveness point estimate for MSM.

Full text of article available at link below:

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