Study finds PrEP successful at protecting against HIV when taken just before sex

Published: October 29, 2014

Gaz Jeffries
Original Article:

The French PrEP trial ANRS IPERGAY announced today that participants on the placebo arm of its study should be immediately offered PrEP because they had found “a very significant reduction in the risk of HIV infection in the on demand PrEP group”.

This comes two weeks after the announcement by the PROUD trial in the UK that participants in the “deferred PrEP arm” would be immediately offered PrEP because of the significant protective effect for those taking it.

The ANRS IPERGAY trial is important because unlike the PROUD trial, which involved taking PrEP daily, it involves instead taking PrEP only “on demand” i.e. at the time of sexual intercourse.

Full text of article available at link before:

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