Stop the gay gag rule in Ukraine

Published: October 2, 2012

TO: Chairman of the Ukrainian parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn
I am joining Ukrainians to urge you to stop the anti-gay bill #8711.

As Chairman of the Parliament, you’ve recently expressed doubts on this bill following an international outcry. Your doubts are justified, and we are calling on you to use the power you have to stop this bill before it goes for a final vote. It violates your own country’s constitution and Ukraine’s international human rights obligations.

Published: October 2

In Ukraine, several homophobic members of Parliament are trying to make it illegal for anyone to say or do anything deemed "too gay." They just advanced a ‘gay gag rule’ that is fueling the anti-gay crackdown in Ukraine – and portrays gay and lesbian people in Ukraine as criminals.

The next vote can come up as early as next week. This law won’t go into effect if the Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament, Volodymyr Lytvyn, refuses to sign it – and he’s having doubts. A few weeks ago he raised concerns about the bill because of a massive international outcry.

Now, Lytvyn, as the Chairman of the Parliament, has the power to stop it for good before the bill goes to a final vote. Sign now and tell Lytvyn to keep thousands of Ukrainians from being forced into the shadows.

Access to campaign available at link below –

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