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Published: October 16, 2010

Recently the Sri Lankan Prime Minister gave a public statement saying that he might consider the concerns of LGBT Sri Lankans. Does that make you hopeful for change?

We are always hopeful for change! A lot of hard work has gone into actually getting this response from the government. This year we decided that we must engage the media in our pride celebrations which were over a 1 month period. The positive response we received was really gratifying. All of the newspapers that covered our events and the TV station that supported us throughout pride gave us positive coverage. Key to this was also the support we received from the British High Commission, The Dutch and Norwegian Embassies who directly supported pride financially and in kind. Their presence at all the pride events for example, and here I would also like to acknowledge the overwhelming presence from the US Embassy, also helped make this a bona fide event and a bona fide request that our rights and our issues be addressed.

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