Sri Lanka Gay Community Accused Of Actively Recruiting Heterosexuals To The Dark Side

Published: August 4, 2010

Living in a country that not only disagrees with homosexuality, but deems it so wrong that it is illegal is hard enough, but the levels of negativity and misunderstanding about the community taken to a whole new level with Sri Lanka’s Daily Mirror acting to suggest that the homosexual community is actively recruiting heterosexuals to the dark side.

Featured as an editorial, the writer suggests the country’s capital, Colombo is seeing increased number of diplomats and leading civil society members acting to convert others to homosexuality by constructing heterosexuality as “an outdated, obsolete disposition“.

And don’t think that these groups are being subtle about it either. Apparently if you talk to members of these social groups they won’t be telling you that you should come out as gay because it’s an important step in accepting who you truly are. Instead they will tell you that.

Full text of article accessible below –

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