Special Issue: Comprehensive Literature Review Pertaining to Married Men Who Have Sex With Men (MMSM)

Published: November 13, 2013


Scholarly literature shows that sexual behavior of married men who have sex with men (MMSM) varies widely. Sexual encounters often have diverse meanings that result from internal and external factors that are not explained merely by a standardized list of personal characteristics or a simple biological drive. This article is a comprehensive review of the literature pertaining to MMSM. It analyzes and adds to existing literature describing why MMSM marry, why they have sex with men, and how issues of identity arise and may be resolved. This review also shows how men’s sexual identities can be fluid as well as historically and culturally variable. Reasons why married men have sex with men range from purely hedonistic physical relief, with or without erotic connection, to factors pertaining to lifestyle and sexual identity formation. Situations, experiences, and sexual behavior of MMSM must be better understood and accepted as part of ordinary human experience to allow individuals to safely explore desire, identity, and integration of what are often conflicting facets of sexual orientation identity. This review provides valuable insights for researchers and health professionals that may help develop appropriate interventions and directions for future research.
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