Speaking Out – Advocacy Experience And Tools Of LGBTI Activists In Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: October 17, 2014

Original Article:  bit.ly/1sxNw0B

The last decade has seen an unprecedented rise in the levels of discrimination and violence directed towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people in sub-Saharan Africa. LGBTI people have faced harassment, persecution,and vilification. They have been subject to: forcible eviction from their homes because of who they are; being kicked out of churches and schools; laws that have been introduced to introduce or increase sanctions for consensual same-sex sexual activity; arbitrary arrest by police; imprisonment for actual or suspected consensual same-sex conduct (or for their identities); torture and other ill treatment whilst in detention; judicially ordered forced anal examinations; murder; rape beatings
stabbings; being branded paedophiles accused of ”recruitng” children into homosexuality”; accused of sorcery; disowned by their own families; public denigration by politicians and political parties; and blame by religious leaders for societies’ economic and social ills. This is not an exhaustive list. Discrimination, violence and incitement to violence against LGBTI people are by no means unique to sub Saharan Africa.

Full text of article available at link below:  bit.ly/1sxNw0B


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