Some behavioural features of the men having sex with men in Armenia

Published: August 30, 2008

Some behavioural features of the men having sex with men in Armenia

Background: In Armenia the men having sex with men, continue to remain one of the most vulnerable to a HIV group of the population. It is caused as features of sexual relations, their frequency, frequent change of the sexual partners, also an insufficient level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS and displays of the behaviour promoting infecting a HIV.

Methods: Behavioural research have been carried out among 100 MSM of Yerevan and several regions in Armenia, in the age of 18-55 years in a format behavioural HIV surveillance in 2007. Data about behavioural features and knowledge about HIV/AIDS are received by a method of voluntary-anonymous interrogation.

Results: Results of research have shown, that sexual partners of the 70 per cent of the surveyed MSM are only men, of 30 per cent – both men and women. 14,2 percent of them are active sexual partners and 33.3 per cent – receptive, 52.5 per cent – both active and receptive. 37 per cent of those surveyed have sexual intercourse with their regular partners, 58 per cent – both with regular and non-regular sexual partners and 5 per cent – only with non-regular sexual partners. 56 per cent of those surveyed have one sexual partner per day and 58.9 per cent of those have two and more sexual partner per day. Only 44 per cent of those surveyed MSM always used condom in the last year.

Conclusions: Behavioural research have shown, that MSM show risky behaviour in relation to a HIV. In this connection it is necessary to spend preventive actions to spend effective struggle against epidemic of a HIV among MSM, first of all increase of a level of knowledge with the purpose with the further prioritizing the idea of safer sexual behavior and promoting behavior change in this group.

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