Social network aims to connect rural gays

Published: February 15, 2012

A new social network has been launched to help geographically isolated gay and trans people socialise with other members of the LGBT community.

The Country Slicker has been designed to counter a ‘lonely farmer’ perception of rural life in the UK.

Founder David Middleton says: “Although people in the LGBT community can find themselves isolated in both a physical and social sense there’s really a lot going on in the countryside for people to take advantage of.

“We’d like to help change the notion of city-living being the only choice for an active social life.”

The network has an open blog area, a forum and regional events pages where members can post details of activities.

The site also features a monthly newsletter to which members will be able to contribute and promote specialist skills or rural businesses for free.

Middleton adds: “The image of the ‘lonely farmer’ is something that many people see when they think of rural life-styles, but there are thousands of gay people who have chosen to live in the country from a variety of backgrounds who may wish to connect with others or who may have a lot to offer the LGBT community.

“The Country Slicker provides a platform for members to organise events and activities as a means of making new friends.”

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