Social Bottoming

Published: September 15, 2010

Isn’t it funny how everyone raves about masculine bottoms but no one talks about the sissy top? I attended the Gay Men’s Health Leadership Retreat  up in Easton Mountains some time ago and during one of the participant led sessions the word "social bottom" cam up and it was defined as someone who has all the mannerism of a bottom, but when the lights go out is a total top. The term really struck a chord with me and I have been pondering on it till now because, OMG, I am a social bottom.

For those that know me, you probably would agree that I am really gay. I out people just walking pass them. I like to tell people I have enough gay to go around so don’t be shy. I am so loud that most people can hear me before the see me and I say gurrrlfriend with a pitch that makes people think Mariah is in the neighborhood. I am unapologetically gay with every wrist flick, hair toss and booty shake.

So with all my fabulousness, shooting rainbows and butterflies with every step, most people would automatically assume that I am a bottom, and I don’t mind if they assume that, because if being called a bottom means being fabulous, than yes, hand me my B-badge. Plus, I find it so much easier to me funny when you’re shamelessly loud. I mean how many gay butch comedians do you know? It seems that we have come to equate camp with taking it up the ass.

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