Sierra Leone: Are There Gays, Lesbians in the Country? Citizens Speak

Published: November 16, 2011

Freetown — In the wake of the British government’s pronouncement that it would withhold its aid to countries that would not legalize the practices of , citizens of this country have argued bitterly amongst themselves as whether this pronouncement over the issue of lesbians and gays would affect Sierra Leone. While some sections of the Sierra Leone population believe that the practice is rampant among many Sierra Leoneans, others think lesbianism and gay do not exist in this country.

To gauge the level of awareness of the people about this simple issue that has the tendency of imposing serious implication on the socio-cultural development of a transitional country like Sierra Leone, two reporters from Concord Times set out to interview ordinary Sierra  Leoneans to know their views about lesbianism which is woman to woman sexual relationship and gay which is for their male counterparts.

Bami Tarawallie, a business man on Siaka Steven Street The issues of lesbianism and gay have extended to various quarters and many people have attached their lives to it. I know few people that are doing such devilish act and some are my customers that used to buy from me. I am against such act because there was a nation that God destroyed its entire people for such devilish and evil act.
Abubakarr Kamara A worker Sierra Leone Bottling Company Lesbianism and gays have caused lots of problem for many relationships in Sierra Leone and I believe it exists. The government should put a stop to anyone practicing it. I am against it and I want people to stop doing it because it is not encouraging.
Memunatu Bangura A student at FBC The issue of lesbianism and gay is not a bad act to some people. Some people are doing it secretly with their partners but I know that it exists. Lesbianism and gay is practised mostly in boarding homes and colleges among students

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