Sharpening AIDS-fighting skills in Cameroon

Published: March 8, 2013

AIDS fighters in Cameroon have been improving their skills through workshops that expand their knowledge of the disease and the challenges it creates for sexual minorities.

Jules Eloundou, president of the anti-AIDS group Cameroon Humanity First, said before workshops held in Yaoundé on Jan. 9-11, “Some of our peer educators do not have the basic knowledge to lead their peers to change their behavior in response to the issue of HIV / AIDS and STIs. They therefore experience difficulties in their educational talks.”

Serge Douomong Yotta, executive director of Affirmative Action, another of the three organizations whose leaders were trained during three days, said, “This training is timely for our Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). We are still very young, needing technical skills and education to expand and improve our  programs on the ground. “

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