Shanghai's 'fake marriage' market: Gay men and women try to fit in

Published: February 16, 2011

Shanghai, more so than most cities in China, has made strides in supporting — okay, tolerating — the local LGBT scene here, with events like this year’s ShanghaiPRIDE week run with relatively little interference.

Nevertheless reports have surfaced, among them one from Slate, of a “fake marriage market” where gay and lesbian Shanghaining marry someone of the opposite sex to fit social conventions.

“I’m here to find a lesbian, to be with me and to build a home,” says one gay man at the meet-up.

Although it will fulfill their family’s wishes, and fit into the acceptable “straight” lifestyle, the article highlights the predicament of men and women trapped in such situations.

“In my view, a 30-year-old man should start thinking about having a family, but two men can’t hold each other’s hands in the street,” continues the man to the Slate reporter.

“We’re not allowed to be a family,” he says.

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