Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Human Rights Law: References to Jurisprudence and Doctrine of the Inter-American System

Published: July 1, 2007

This document addresses the issue of Human Rights violation based on Sexual Orientation
and Gender Identity within the Inter-American Human Rights System.
It contains excerpts of general references to the principle of non discrimination, as well as
specific references to sexual orientation and gender identity, from different advisory opinions
of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, reports on the situation of countries and
individual cases from the Inter-American Commission, documents from other Specialised
Organisations and extracts of the draft Inter-American Convention Against Racism and all
Forms of Discrimination and Intolerance.

The objective of this document is to compile relevant and authoritative references in order to
frame informed debate on the human rights concerns of sexual orientation and gender identity
in the Inter-American system. The document is also meant to be a resource for human rights
defenders working on these issues.

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