Sex, Youth and Politics in Algeria

Published: October 24, 2014

Pierre Daum
Original Article:

Indeed, in this society where everyone lives partitioned between same sexes from an early age, dating opportunities and homosexuals pleasures are far more numerous.

At 15 or 25, a boy can bring his boyfriend home, shut himself up in his room with him, and even propose to spend the night, without the parents seeing any wickedness. Same thing for girls. At 30, 40 years of age, two men or two women can go away for a weekend, rent a double room at any hotel, and no one will say anything.

Zoheir Djazeiri is a leading activist among Algerian homosexuals. An activist with the group Abu Nawas(1) , his actions are strictly illegal; Zoheir Djazeiri (Zoheir the Algerian) is a pseudonym.

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