Sex parties 'epicentres' of STIs and HIV

Published: December 3, 2010

A regional conference hosted by a gay lifestyle portal revealed that a small percentage of gay and bisexual Asian men put themselves at risk by attending private sex parties while overseas. conducted an online survey earlier this year, to which about 14,000 gay and bisexual men across 12 countries in Asia responded. Dr Stuart Koe, the founder of the portal, presented the findings at the Developed Asia Regional Consultation on HIV in MSM (men who have sex with men) and transgender people.

The results revealed that about 12 per cent of the respondents who travel attended private sex parties while overseas.

Such parties were the ‘epicentres’ of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, said Dr Koe in a report by The Straits Times. Dr Koe was also quoted as saying that such parties are ‘where the highest-risk sex is happening – where the rates of condom use are the lowest, the prevalence of HIV the highest, and drug use is also the highest’.

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