Serbian Rightists Threaten Gay Parade Carnage

Published: September 26, 2013

 If Serbian gay rights activists go ahead with a planned parade in Belgrade on September 28, "It will be just like in 2010", Ivan Ivanovic, of the rightist group "Naši" has warned, referring to bloody street clashes that year with police guarding the Belgrade Pride participants.

"If we let this [parade] happen, they will as soon as tomorrow ask for legalization of their marriages, and then ask for the right to adopt children… Poor Orthodox Serbian children and all other children! Poor little innocent children. Like in Western Europe."
Mladen Obradovic, president of Srbski Obraz
 With an official security assessment of the parade still unfinished – it is due on Friday – no one yet knows if the parade is going to take place.
Meanwhile, at a September 24 press conference, an assortment of right-wing nationalist organizations, including the president of the now banned Obraz movement, Mladen Obradovic, denounced the planned parade and announced their own counter-protests for the same day.
Ivanovic warned of trouble on the streets, just as in 2010, if the authorities decide to permit the Pride Parade.
"People are deeply unsatisfied, and are telling us that they will go onto the streets in vast numbers to protest. If that happens again, we all know that Belgrade streets will see bloodshed, and that’s in no one’s interest," he warned.
He described the idea of holding a Gay Pride rally in Serbia as "an attempt to break the Serbian social code", which formed part of a "CIA plan for Serbia implemented after October 5, 2000 [when Slobodan Milosevic’s nationalist regime was toppled]."
He said they had filed criminal charges against the Gay Pride organizers with Serbia’s Constitutional Court, but had not received an answer.

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