September Issue: Gaylaxy Magazine

Published: September 1, 2010

On 10th January 2010, Sun finally rose from the East. Even with so much discussion all around, the lack of a monthly magazine catering to the gay section was reason enough for Gaylaxy to be born. The first edition was a 19 page issue. The response to the issue was phenomenal. Soon, more people joined in and Gaylaxy had its own website. Though focused on the east region of India initially, Gaylaxy kept receiving visitors from all over India and the world. The articles in Gaylaxy always had a universal appeal and with support from all corners, we decided to expand our horizon.

Gaylaxy offers it readers a great medium to be heard, informed, entertained and connected. Our content is an amalgam of information and entertainment. A magazine that would truly grab your attention! Whether you are looking for the latest developments on gay fronts in India and the world, upcoming events in your region, style and health tips, support for coming out, or poems and movies that would bring out your emotional self, Gaylaxy has something for everyone. Our content is both serious and light and leaves you wanting for more at the end.

Access to full issue available at link below –

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