Self-perception of Stigma and Discrimination among Men Having Sex with Men.

Published: September 1, 2012


Background: Men having sex with men are hidden population in Nepal due to existing of stigma and discrimination in social, economic and others aspects. Due to present stigma and discrimination majority of men having sex with men do not have access to HIV/AIDS prevention programs that lead to unsafe sexual behavior.The objective of the study was to explore self-perception of stigma and discrimination among men having sex with men in Kathmandu valley. Methods: This is a qualitative study. Study was carried out between July 2010 and December 2010 in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. During study 3 focus group discussions were conducted to explore stigma and discrimination of the respondents in their families, work place, health facilities, from law reinforcement body, and to explore methods of adaptation of men who have sex with men to stigma and discrimination in different areas of their life. A focus group discussions guideline was used for the discussion. Results: Majority of the respondents who reported about discrimination from family members, in work place, in health care facilities and from law reinforcement body were Transgender (Meti). Many of respondents noticed that in some aspects discrimination seems to be decreasing due to rising awareness of homosexual relationship in the society. Conclusions: In spite on rising awareness among society regarding homosexual relationship there is still lots of stigma and discrimination faced by MSMs in all aspects of their life. Keywords: discrimination; men having sex with men; stigma.

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