Science Health HIV treatment: New inexpensive agents can block virus ability to replicate and develop resistance

Jayalakshmi K
Original Article:

New and affordable drugs that check the HIV virus from developing resistance are in progress, according to scientists who will present their findings at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Denver.

Instead of creating yet another cocktail of multiple drugs to tackle HIV virus, Dennis Liotta’s team at Emory University designed compounds that hit multiple targets at once and also block the virus’ ability to replicate.

The agents are inexpensive to prepare and should keep treatment affordable for millions in the developing world.

Most HIV drugs target viral proteins and hence have to be constantly altered when the viral proteins mutate and develop resistance to the drug.

In contrast, human proteins targeted in the new method do not mutate that often and the virus will find it tough to get around the new combination therapies, say the researchers.

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