Scaling Up the Continuum of Care: A New Toolkit for Implementers Working in the Asia-Pacific Region

Published: November 1, 2007

Scaling Up the Continuum of Care: A New Toolkit for Implementers Working in the Asia-Pacific Region

NOVEMBER 2007 — In some areas of the Asia-Pacific Region, HIV incidence continues to rise at an alarming rate—particularly among those who engage in high-risk behaviors. But most people who are living with HIV cannot access available care, treatment, and support services. In addition, such services are seldom linked and coordinated in ways that optimize access and adherence to treatment.
The continuum of care (CoC) is a strategy developed in the region to organize and provide such services. Tailored to meet local needs and circumstances, the CoC is defined as a network of linked and coordinated HIV care, treatment, and support services that collaborating organizations provide.

A central challenge in CoC creation is bringing together partner organizations from different sectors to create a framework within which they work together to coordinate programming and expand the provision of high-quality services.

Scaling Up the Continuum of Care for People Living with HIV: A Toolkit for Implementers was inspired by the impressive results of the CoC approach in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Nepal, and other countries. This new publication was developed by a collaboration of partners to help planners and managers establish or strengthen their own CoCs.

The toolkit helps planners and managers to create networks that link HIV care, treatment, and support services in ways that respond to unique needs. It contains
    •    a section on the rationale for the CoC approach
    •    profiles of CoC development in five countries in the Asia-Pacific region
    •    advice on building a CoC at the local level
    •    a review of national-level support for the CoC across the region
    •    an overview of how CoC initiatives can be monitored and evaluated
    •    a section that looks at future CoC directions ?The inclusion of prevention services within the CoC network is also addressed.

Country-specific examples highlight issues, principles, strategies, and lessons learned. The CD-ROM included contains detailed information on useful tools, planning structures, and approaches, as well as a list of additional resources.

Ideas presented in the toolkit should prove useful to governments and partners as they respond to the HIV epidemic and work to increase access to locally appropriate HIV and AIDS care, treatment, and support services throughout Asia and the Pacific.

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