Safe sex urged as HIV cases hit high

The Standard
Qi Luo
Original Article:

About 30 percent of men who have sex with their regular male partners do not use condoms, according to a recent survey.
The survey comes in the wake of a report that HIV infections last year hit a record high of 651 cases, up from 559 in 2013. It is the highest single year total since 1984. A total of 108 people were confirmed with AIDS last year, up from 84 in 2013, also a record high.

The Department of Health interviewed 1,026 men last year and found that 35 percent did not wear condoms during the last sex they had with their "emotional relationship" partners.

About 30 percent did not use condoms in the last sex with their regular sex partner while 20 percent did not use protection with their non-regular sex partner. The department collected urine samples from 564 and found 33 of them, or 5.9 percent, were HIV positive.

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