Russian politicians ban 'gay propoganda', hire trans prostitutes

Published: October 17, 2011

GayRussia.Ru reports that in an interview on the Russian TV show ‘Russian Reporter’ 3 October the former mayor of Arkhangelsk, North-West Russia, Aleksandr Donskoi said that many politicians and business people use the services of transsexual prostitutes.

Arkhangelsk is the capital of the Russian region which just banned ‘gay propaganda’. One other Russian region has a similar ban on "advocacy of sodomy and lesbianism".

Last year the Constitutional Court of Russia decided that such a ban on "propaganda" of homosexuality among minors did not contradict the Russian Constitution.

"I talk with many transsexuals who engage in prostitution, they say that most of their clients are politicians and businessmen," Donskoi said in an interview with Don Alexander.

    "The politicians have mostly ‘sophisticated’ demands for sex. They buy things that ordinary people do not buy. For example, Strap – Girls pinned to the members and then f*****," he said.

In June, I published the shocking story of transgender woman Kim, who was born in Arkhangelsk. Forced to move from there after beatings and harassment, she was lured with a waitress job offer in a VIP night club in Moscow. Instead, she was forced into prostiitution in an underground brothel.

    "The clients were mostly police and FSS officers, sometimes even uniformed, usually drunk and/or narcotized. They were not only enforcing us for sex, but beating, mobbing, and torturing, just for fun."

She describes how the representatives of the Russian state would torture her.

    "Nightmares still pursue me, and it will be so through all my life…I cannot even speak about such games as ‘submarine’, ‘helicopter’, ‘phone’… "

Eventually she escaped and in the end made her way to Sweden, although she found little welcome there.

Donskoi offered a cynical view of Russian politics

    "People go into politics from a lack of love. Politics – a good way to find a partner: immediately increases your value, even if you’re fat and ugly."

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