Russia gives green light for transgender drivers to stay on the road

Liisa Tuhkanen
Original Article:

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Russian officials have given transgender citizens, many of whom have felt increasingly persecuted by the state in recent years, the green light to keep on driving after a new road safety decree sparked panic that they would be banned from the road.

The decree, a legal amendment which includes a list of symptoms from the World Health Organization’s international classification of diseases, lists trans sexuality among the medical conditions that could prevent a person from driving.

But a government official said that a mental or behavioral disorder in itself was not a reason to stop someone driving.
The law would affect only those suffering from chronic and prolonged mental disorders with severe or persistent symptoms, Health Ministry spokesman Oleg Salagai told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

This description applies to less than one percent of patients in the category ‘disorders of adult personality and behavior’, under which trans sexuality is classified in the current WHO system, Salagai said.

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