Ruling Party Uses Gay Debate to Disparage Opposition – Zambia

Published: October 18, 2010

he ruling party in Zambia, the Movement for Multi- party Democracy (MMD) has suggested that certain government officials have been meeting opposition leader, Michael Sata in a plea to recognise homosexuality which according to activists is a conspiracy to disparage the opposition party. 

Amidst the recent tabling of the draft constitution currently siting before parliament, the Forum for Leadership Search revealed that it had information that some government officials have been meeting opposition leader Sata of the Patriotic Front (PF) to lobby for recognition of homosexuality in Zambia.

Since the surfacing of such information the Independent Churches of Zambia has called for the naming and shaming of those leaders allegedly in favour of the recognition of homosexuality.

Chan Mubanga, Executive Director of the Friends of Rainka rubbished such claims, adding “those reports are not concrete. We seem to have the ruling party using opposition as a scape goat. The ruling party accuses the PF party for lobbying to promote gay rights because it knows that will evoke hatred amongst the religious society and gain the ruling party favour in next year’s elections.” 

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